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Welcome to my newly (summer 2010) redesigned website, now with added blog.

Over the last 150 years or so there have been many types of kit, in many materials and styles, all designed to allow their lucky owners to create castles, houses, churches, railway stations, offices, factories or whatever they could imagine.

The aim of this site is to share my enthusiasm for these building sets, document all the ones I know of, point to further sources of information and to help you identify sets you have or remember.

My definition of an architectural construction toy is as one that:

You can explore architectural construction toys through the following sections:

A description and personal categorisation of the types of architectural construction toys - leading to further pages describing the types in more detail
Blog highlighting some interesting sets along with other random musings
Alphabetical list of architectural construction toys - if you know what you want or just fancy browsing
Identify a set you dimly remember from childhood or from a handful of parts you found down the back of the sofa
Find out more links to other websites, a list of relevant books and some museums where building toys are on display or at least in the collections